how we became the original barre.bounce.bells.

about us


On September 7th, 2019 FUSE became open to the public, making it Atlanta’s first fusion boutique fitness studio offering a combination of Barre, ReBound and Kettlebell fitness. Shortly after Grand Opening, Haley and Katherine took their love for dance and turned it into DanceFit45, FUSE’s first ever Dance Fitness class. And not shortly thereafter, FUSE became the only studio in Atlanta to host 5.6.7.Broadway, a fitness series gaining rapid attention in Los Angeles. We got right back on our alliteration game and now referred to ourselves secretly as, Barre. Bounce. Bells. Broadway. 


Moving into a new decade, Haley and Katherine were determined to not only make this the most diverse fitness studio in the city of Atlanta, but also the most memorable. We at FUSE believe in 3 things. You may be thinking, “Barre, Bounce and Bells, right?” Well, as much as that is true, there are a few things more important to us.

FUSE was an unexpected inspiration, formed two friends who met at the right place and just the right time. Owners Katherine DuQuette and Haley Glass met in 2018 at the very space that would soon become their home away from home. The space, formerly known as “Pink Barre,” inspired Katherine and Haley to extend what Pink Barre had created and transform it into their own Modern/Retro workout boutique, holding the space to supply their clients with challenging workouts while continuing to provide the community feel we all long for. 

- Community

We take pride in our friendships with our clients. We want each person who walks through the doors of FUSE to feel like they’re coming into a safe and positive environment where all stresses and negativities can be left outside for an hour. 


- Mind to Body Connection

At FUSE we believe a good workout supplies happiness to both your mind and your body. Taking a moment each day to thank your body for what it can do rather than dwell over what it can not is incredibly important.  Once the mind and the body become connected, anything is possible!


- Having FUN!

Getting a great workout in doesn’t have to be so serious. At FUSE, each one of us is each other’s hype man/woman. Every time you walk out the door, we aim to have you smiling. 


Ready to transform your workout? We’re here for you.


Cheers to the healthiest decade of your life!

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our mission

FUSE is committed to creating the most dynamic workout experience for our clients by combining traditional Barre, Trampoline and Kettlebells.  Our friendly and encouraging community is a space where we aspire exercising to be fun and exciting. Our amazing instructors create unique templates for each and every class, creating a challenging and ever-changing workout that is modifiable to fit any ability level. The most important thing to us at FUSE

is our clients. We strive to encourage each and every person who walks through our doors to live their happiest and healthiest life in order to be the best version of themselves at all times.