BarreBody is our classic Barre-based total body workout that combines core elements of pilates, isometric strengthening, ballet, and yoga while using the ballet barre for support. By eliminating momentum, focusing one specific muscle at a time we maximize the work and the toning effect resulting in sculpted and lean arms, seat, thighs and core muscles.


A 45 minute full body Barre-based workout with a faster/more intense flow to target each muscle group efficiently. Take your toning routine to the next level!

FUSION 45/60

Our signature 45 & 60 minute workout combining Barre, Bounce (rebounding) and Kettlebells. This full body workout combines elements of strength, balance, agility, and cardio endurance training with isometric toning and sculpting.


BOUNCE (rebounding) is a cardio based, dynamic, 55 minute rebounding class which incorporates bouncing on a personal sized trampoline mixed with sculpting movements designed to tone and strengthen your entire body. Elevate your workout with this high-intensity, low impact, joint-safe class. Rebounding has also proved to improve your lymphatic flow, build bone density and improve balance and coordination.